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Fractal ImageFor over two decades has provided extensive information about the art form of fractals. This website includes information on how to create your own fractals in the fractal tutorials, links to fractal software programs & generators for both MAC and Windows, and one of the most extensive collections of unique and diverse fractal art available. There are also many fractal video and educational resources, all intended to help you enjoy and explore this amazing art form.

What is a fractal? Fractals are a unique, digital art form created from mathematical formulas. These mathematical formulas are then generated in a fractal software program and result in graphical representations, or images, of an astounding diversity of complex forms, color and light. From perfect symmetry, which may remind you of Mandalas or kaleidoscope images, to assymetrical abstracts, you will find an astounding variety of art in this contemporary digital art form. I hope you enjoy this art and website, and that you find that these images truly are amazing! For additional info on my description of what fractals are, click Here

Fractal Art Galleries

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The majority of my fractal art was created using my own unique mathematical formuals resulting in an incredible variety of unique fractal forms not seen elsewhere. The fractals I have selected for these galleries were meant to highlight and demonstrate the astounding variety and diversity of fractal art that can be created.

There are now over 500 original fractals in my art galleries on this website using a variety of fractal software programs to highlight the incredible diversity of this unique digital art form, and which will also demonstrate the differences between the type of fractals that can be created using different fractal generators.

These galleries include over 260 visitor contributions featured in the Guest galleries. The visitor contributions will also highlight different artistic styles of the individual fractal artists that have contributed their art to the website.

Fractal Tutorials

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My website also provides you the resources to create your own fractal art! This website features one of the most extensive lists of tutorials for different fractal programs available online.

If you enjoy my style of art then I have written five online fractal tutorials for you, using two different fractal software programs, which will help you get started creating your own fractals.

Using step-by-step demonstrations, these tutorials will walk you through the process of using these two different fractal software programs to make your own fractal creations. There is also a Fractal F.A.Q. page to help answer commonly asked questions about the fractal creation process and related topics.

Fractal Software

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There are many fractal programs and generators to choose from if you wish to start creating your own fractals. Each fractal software program available offers unique features and they each have their own strengths and limitations. Some have a steep learning curve and offer many features to use. Others are easier to use, but may not have as many options. The choices can be overwhelming at first when trying to decide which program to start with.

On my fractal software page I have listed over 40 fractal program generators for both MAC & PC's which includes brief descriptions of the programs, as well as my observations on the various programs that I have used. Hopefully these descriptions and observations will help making your choices easier.

My recommendation? Try as many as you can until you find the one that suits your tastes in this art form!

Fractal Art Prints

Fractal Image Many of the fractals showcased here in my art galleries are also availble as fine art prints in a variety of sizes from my companion website, Seattle Fractals Digital Art.

Prints currently available range from beautiful mandala type type symmetry to modern abstracts. If you find an image that you would like to purchase, but is not listed for sale feel free to contact me with any inquiries & I will get back to you asap. I also offer commercial licensing of my art.

Fractal Educational Resources

Fractal Image On the fractal resources page I have listed a number of links to what I consider interesting and useful fractal information and websites. These fractal resources include other tutorials, educational information, and interesting sites about different aspects of what fractals are, their implications in science etc.

These resources range from the novice to the technical, and you should be able to find fractal sites of interest no matter your level of understanding, or interest is in this amazing art form.

Fractal F.A.Q.'s

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Over the past 20 years since this website first went online I have received many emails and questions about fractals from all over the world

Questions have included what is the best fractal program to use, how to print fractals, etc. I don't have all the answers, but I have tried to answer a number of commonly asked questions on my Fractal FAQ page!

Contacting Me

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Since this websites inception over 20 years ago I have had people write me from all over the world, and I always enjoy hearing from those who have enjoyed my art, or the resources offered here.

If you feel so inclined I always appreciate hearing from you if you have enjoyed the art, resources, or have suggestions. I hope you have fun exploring this site!